Graduation Requirements

 Graduation Requirements for Students who enter 9th grade in 2008 and beyond
To graduate from a Gwinnett County High School , a student must earn 23 units (each semester course = ½ unit) and make a passing score on the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (or EOCT) and the Gateway Examinations.
Unit High School Diploma
4 Language Arts
4 Mathematics
4 Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Elective)
3 Social Studies (World History, US History, Economics and American Government)
1 ½ Health and ½ Physical Fitness
3 Either: Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Technical Education or ROTC
4 Elective
* Although a Foreign Language is not required for graduation, two (2) or more years of the same Foreign language are required for entrance into most Colleges and Universities.
Diploma Options:

 General High School Diploma

 IEP Diploma (special education students only)

To earn a Diploma with Distinction: A student must maintain an 80 or above core average, earn 24 units, and the extra two units must be in a core area or fine arts.

High School Certificate: This document is awarded to students who complete all course work required for a diploma, however, he/she has not passed the Gateway and/or the High School Graduation Test.

  Promotion Requirements: 
Promotion Step
Promotion Requirements for Students who entered 9th grade.
2005 & Before
2006 & 2007
2008 & After
Core Minimum
9th to 10th
5 credits
5 credits + Core Minimum
5 credits + Core Minimum
.05 Lang. Arts
.05 Math
.05 Science
10th to 11th
11credits + Core Minimum
11credits + Core Minimum
1.5 Lang Arts
1.5 Math
1.5 Science
0.5 Soc Studies
11th to 12th
16 credits
16 credits + Core Minimum
17 credits + Core Minimum
2.5 Lang Arts
2.5 Math
2.5 Science
1.5 Soc Studies
22 credits
22 credits
23 credits
according to diploma type and standardized assessment requirements as determined by state and district policies
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